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Implementations. A Work in Process

Implementations are not easy. They involve time for gathering requirements, analysis, design, specifications, modifications, customization, integrations and testing. Some companies may have a complete set of well-defined requirements while others may have none at all. It could also be a company’s first time doing an implementation or adding a new software package.

Brylianze resources have many years of implementation experience. Over the years, we have learned what steps and processes need to be done to be successful by knowing what things to avoid, how to resolve roadblocks, what should the communication be and what it really takes resource, budge and time wise to do an implementation.

A popular proposal still in use is to provide a fixed price to complete the implementation work from end to end or for the coding and testing portions. This has proven out over time to result in both cost and time overages mainly due to unforeseen issues. It could be late and/or uncompleted requirements, technology challenges, not having the right mix of resources or simply the project was under priced in attempt to get the deal. All of these spell disaster for any implementation.

Brylianze can help your company navigate through the implementation waters. Whether it is a vendor selection, project oversight, resource and budget management, requirements, customization, integrations, or a complete end to end implementation.

Brylianze is here for you.

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